Yusef Carrillo

for School Board

Why I’m running

I believe Saint Paul Public schools deserve to be safe, successful school communities where students, families and educators can thrive. I believe in a school district that:

  • Builds strong bonds of trust with school communities to make our schools safe and welcoming leading to student success and teacher retention.
  • Aims to fully fund schools and programs so that students receive a quality education
  • Listens to all stakeholders and actively builds systems and forums for communication, planning and accountability.

About Me

I have been a St Paul resident since 2017. I am a father of two energetic boys (10 and 8) who attend SPPS schools and a husband to an amazing SPPS teacher. I grew up in Spain, and moved to California at the age of 18 to attend college, eventually graduating with a Masters in History from California State University East Bay.

I am deeply connected to the world of education. In 2008 I started working for the Student Enrollment Center in Oakland, CA, where I eventually became a Program Manager in charge of the enrollment process and building projections for the District’s open enrollment system.  I now work for Securian Financial in St. Paul as a Senior Analyst.

In the winter of 2020, I was selected to serve for 9 months as an Interim Director on the St. Paul Public Schools Board of Education.  During that time we navigated the return to in-person learning, and then the Envision SPPS process.  My previous experience in student enrollment and district budgeting helped me to understand and challenge the Envision SPPS Plan that did not represent the community’s needs or meaningfully take into account community input.  I bring to the table a deep knowledge of district operations and a belief that student, family and educator voices are essential to create a strong public school system.


All Saint Paul residents deserve safe, supportive and welcoming schools. This vision will only be accomplished when the school board and district leadership work with school communities towards a united vision.

The School Board needs to lead the district to become accountable and transparent to the voters.

School communities should be able to communicate their needs and concerns without fear of reprisal.

Student voices need to be heard and have an influence in our decisions.

We need urgent and accountable action around school safety that is equitable to all.

How can I help?

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Contact Me

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